About Lugang

Jiangsu Lugang Culture Co., Ltd was founded in1993, the company has 4500 more or less employees. Lugang is becoming a listed company of Shanghai stock market, such as, yarns, fabrics, garments, hotel and film industry . Stock code: 601599. In 2016, it realized Rmb 3.5 billion of annual sales income,foreign export value reached 110 million US dollars. Among these fields, as our main field , textile is specialized in different kinds of yarns, high-grade worsted wool fabrics, business suits and shirts, our technology and equipments are also taking leading position with annual capacity of 40000 tons of yarns ,10 million meters in worsted fabric, 1 million sets of suits,2 million sets of shirts.

Jiangsu Lugang Science&Technology Co.,Ltd-Company profile

Our company specialized in 6 brands and lines: "SINFONIA", "ARMONIA", “REGAL” for worsted, semi-worsted, woolen, fancy yarns. "LANIFICIO LA MALPENGA" for formal suits and PALLADIO for high-grade business men’s suits. The company has certification of ISO 19001 international quality system, ISO 14000 environment management system, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system,Oeko-Tex Standard 100 ecological textile, also the NRDC American The Natural Resources Defense Council Clean Production of Comprehensive Grogress, our company has laid a stable foundation for its further expansion of market.

Lugang will adhere to the spirit of "Tackling though problems and achieving down-to-earth innovation", the staffs have devoted to establishing a firs-rate brand in the industry under the principle of "No self-satisfaction". To speed up the technical investment, adhere to product innovation, and constantly promote industrial upgrading, expand the international high-end market, and stronger the optimal textile business, finally strive to one of the world first-class enterprises.

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Address:The Chinese province of jiangsu zhangjiagang city TangQiaoZhen deer park industrial zone 
Contact:Mr. Zou   Tel:13606229812 Phone:0512-58350228     Zip code:215616
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